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ON 1300.


When the meadow grows to put on its green dress again, everything alive around the log cabin village Schlögelberger is completely awakened as always at this time of year. The birds are hissing, the alpine flowers and herbs are sprouting from the ground, the animals are joyfully expanding their radius of action. And we humans also feel how our spirits of life are picking themselves up. And our motto on 1300 brings back to the front. “Make every day a good day” and remember: The adventure is you.

Family Adventures

The adventure playground "Schlegei"...

with the incomparable view of the Mur valley challenges and promotes the urge to move like the creativity of the children. Joint journeys of discovery into nature are the best food for families. Roast sausages at the campfire, bathing in the waterfall, walks in the rain, exploring the adventure playground and forest together and looking at the incredible starry sky over the Lungau on clear nights. Life can really take a breather.


Trackers have it good.

Because if you can follow nature and its creatures, you will collect unforgettable adventures here in beautiful Lungau. To take home inspiring moments. After just a few steps you are in the middle of the “NaturGut”. Impressive natural spectacles await – dare and discover them. Trust your curiosity and let it take the lead.

Wildlife Park, Red & Sika Deer

The chief deer with the epic name "David" leads the family.

You rarely get so close to the shy red deer in the wild. If you really want to feel the feeling of “close to the deer”, go with Hans or Hannes to the deer feeding. You feel at eye level with deer, roe deer and fawn – and when David confidently eats an apple out of the children’s hands, it feels like natural madness. Furthermore, to experience: the rather trusting Sika deer from Siberia – “Well, they fit for the Lungau,” says senior Hans.


Everyone likes you, the shaggy four-legged friends with the always faithful look.

Originally from South America, they are already considered real Lungau alpacas at 1300 meters. These “therapy animals” are something very special, and they donate us the best wool. Bedding & felt products can be found in the mountain shop on a short production route. The male alpacas are linen and a popular and curious companion for small walks. In summer, baby alpacas can always be admired and observed at Naturgut Schlögelberger. Heart what more could you want.

Alps Capricorn

The massive attachments of the Ibex are a feast for the eyes of connoisseurs.

It is a game of violence when the goats climb on their hind legs and crash their horns – impressive rituals of nature. The guests on the terrace often do not know where this background noise comes from.


An adventurous walk

During an adventurous walk through the hotel’s own forest, all your senses will be amazed. This “shock activation” inevitably leads to a personal journey of discovery. Smell, see, hear, feel – a refreshing intensive program.

Living on the torrent

Torrent in our natural estate

The Leisnitz, a wonderful torrent in our natural estate, shows all sides of the water. Sometimes rough, usually very gentle. A spectacle, even a real adventure to watch, as if revived in rain, earth and air. Not only the kids love this water playground. Speaking of water: from each tap flows its own spring water with high drinking water quality.

take your Time

Let the soul rest

Just consciously take your time, enjoy the view and let your soul rest. We can promise one thing: if you want to relax here, you will find very special resting places here.

Mountain lake

Do you go swimming in the Lungau? Of course.

Because more than 10 beautiful mountain lakes are waiting around the log cabin village Schlögelberger for all kinds of free swimmers. In addition, there are another 50 mountain lakes and 4 outdoor pools in the Lungau which are included in the Lungau Card.


The Lungau has something for every "cyclist".

Whether ambitious or rather enjoyable, there are many designated MTB tours. Away from the log cabin village you have all the options. A total of 560 km of MTB routes await you. Here you will find all important information in a compact presentation.


For body - mind and soul

Hans, the tribal elder of the Sampl family, has a great passion – QiGong. If you feel like it, you can bring body, mind and soul into balance with QiGong exercises in the early morning. Just ask Hans what all is possible.



Gently and overgrown to the top, the Nockberge radiate a special energy, have a mystical effect and stir up the thirst for adventure in us humans. The seemingly endless mountain landscape makes this time an alpine adventure of a different kind.70 managed alpine huts and 60 mountain lakes answer all questions about moments of enjoyment. Of course, guided hikes are also possible. A little touched natural paradise that is second to none.

Of course.

The Lungau can also play with the small ball.

An 18-hole championship course nestled in the flat valley of the Mur between the incredible mountains. Of course, the Mur comes into play in a challenging way. An Open 9 course awaits you: the perfect practice area for beginners and ambitious short players. Eight par 3 and one par 4 offer everything a good golf practice course needs.


Anyone who has ever experienced the Milky Way here, will come back

Anyone who lives out their barbecue passion here on an open fire wants to stay. The Wurzelhütte with its lonely, quiet location in the middle of naturgut Schlögelberger is a real rarity with its 150 years under its belt and top equipped. The mountain air at 1450 meters for lungs, breathing and physical endurance a true feel-good program.


UNESCO Biospheres

In July 2012, the Salzburg Lungau, together with the Carinthian Nockberge Mountains, received the award as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburg Lungau, making it the youngest and largest UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Austria. This important award stands for the special quality as a natural region, the quality of life as well as the active preservation of old traditions and care of one’s own culture.
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