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Tracker Reading
& Mountainness


Bringing the senses back into harmony

If you want to stay on the heels of nature, you should be able to read its tracks. For example, being very close to the red deer in the wildlife park – an uplifting feeling. Accompanying Hans or Hannes during feeding – a real-time experience. Take a spin with the alpacas. Wow, here nature distributes honest gifts.

Mountainness. Nature. Qi Gong. We call it the adventure of relaxation. Calm breathing, conscious, slow movements, mindful perception, attentive cooperation. Here on 1300 you can do a lot for yourself.

Four for
a Hallelujah

We are talking about the elements.

Fire, water, air and earth – there really is plenty of everything here. Your senses will be amazed as soon as you walk through your own forest. For example, if the water from a greater height is subject to gravity, you have discovered the impressive waterfall. Taking a shower in it? Works wonders, I promise. The fresh mountain air makes the lungs vibrate, the mind in a jubilant mood. Then feel the warming, cozy side of nature around the campfire in the evening. Sharing the time with down-to-earth hosts, that really grounds. Even the woodpecker drums that.

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free u

Then the deer nods and roars one.

Today, our gazes are very much trained for “proximity”. Mobile phones & tablets do not have a vision button. At the Schlögelberger, the eye is rewarded with new stimuli. Kilometer-wide relief for the retina. And the cerebrum. Then the deer nods and roars one.

for everyone

So much nature and lightness

Of course, the most important playground for our guests is nature. Our animals also see it that way. Adventure playground, game reserve including feedings, water cooling and dam construction on the Leisnitzbach as well as all imaginable open-air sports are possible. The high stand is located on the in-house go-kart track, the views “from above” far down into the Mur valley are unforgettable, and the bees hum happily with so much nature and lightness.


“With us the Nockberge begin, up to the top they have something mystical about themselves”, Hans is always fascinated by this mountain world. This gentleness calms the excitement of humanity a little, and that’s a good thing.

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